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Peltor ComTac VI: The Best NIB Comms. Backed by the Atomic Warranty.

  • Comes with Gel Ear Cups, ARC Rail Adapters for helmets, batteries, and more!
  • Improved over the ComTac V: New NIB and MAP features are the biggest leap forward in technology in years.
  • Peltor VI provides your communications with a fail-safe that guarantees a continued connection even in the event of complete battery depletion. 
  • Peltor ComTac VI features NIB (wireless communication capabilities to other headsets up to 33 feet away with NO radio!).
  • Features earplug mode that increases hearing protection by another 5 dB with many foam earplugs, the ComTac VIs will then increase their internal volume by 6 safer dB.
  • Lightweight and comfortable, these headband and neckband options weigh less than one pound. They can be worn all day without causing fatigue or discomfort during extended operations.
  • IP-68 Waterproof rated and tested.  Reliable comms are hard to find.  Find them here on Atomic Defense where our Lifetime Warranty covers any manufacturing defects.

Showing Peltor ComTac VI Review by Jere Hietala

More about the Peltor ComTac VI (Peltor ComTac 6)

The 3M Comtac VI headset is the perfect solution for any situation that requires clear communication and superior hearing protection. With its lightweight design, adjustable headband, and comfortable gel ear cushions, the ComTac 6 headset provides an ideal fit that allows you to stay focused on your mission. It also features a secondary microphone port on the back of the headset, allowing for connection to oxygen systems (HAHO/HALO operations and those who like jumping out of planes that aren’t on fire) and the 3M Scott First Responder Respirator (FRR).

Soldier with Peltor ComTac VI and LMG

The Peltor ComTac VI NIB headset provides headset-to-headset communication without a radio at up to 33 feet (11 yards) using NIB. The IP68-rated MT73 dynamic microphone ensures reliable audio performance even in the harshest weather conditions such as rain or snowfall. It operates on 864Mhz and 915Mhz frequency bands with TDMA modulation protocol technology to guarantee perfect sound transmission every time! 

The ComTac VI also includes a fail-safe feature that guarantees external device communications will continue even if there is an electronic failure or battery depletion. Additionally, it features earplug mode that boasts additional hearing protection as its volume is boosted by 6 dB to help compensate for the additional attenuation provided by the ear plug. The Peltor ComTac VI has been tested at 168dB in accordance with ANSI S12.42-2010, ensuring excellent impulse noise protection when worn properly according to user instructions.  

The Peltor ComTac VI is lightweight and comfortable enough to wear all day during extended mission operations without causing fatigue or discomfort. It weighs less than one pound with the headband use at 0.84 lbs (379g) and back band use at 0.78 lbs (352g).

Marines using 3M ComTac 6 model for Training

3M PELTOR ComTac VI offers superior protection against prolonged exposure to continuous noises such as industrial noises and vehicle engine roars as well as impulse noise generated from explosions, machinery, or gunshots.   

The 3M PELTOR ComTac VI offers a selection of set-ups, each generating varying Noise Reduction Ratings (NRR) levels. Studies have demonstrated that by simply choosing the right configuration, PELTOR ComTac VI can provide attenuation performance with an NRR ranging from 20 to 23 dB. On top of this potential gain, you could add E-A-R Classic Ear Plugs which are rated at 29 dB NRR providing your total spectrum protection increased up to 5dB more than what is attainable through only using the 3M product alone.

Main Features & Technical Specifications of the ComTac VI (ComTac 6)

Peltor ComTac VI-Key Features
  • Electromagnetic Interference tested in accordance with MIL-STD 461G 
  • Department of Defense Interface Standard Requirements for the Control of Electromagnetic Interference Characteristics of Subsystems and Equipment CS114, RE101, RE-102-4, RS101, and RS103 requirements
    ComTac VI NIB Headset Description Image on Atomic Defense
  • Headband with HY80A weight: 379 g; Back band with HY80A weight: 352g
  • Battery type: 2xAAA batteries with an operating time of 50 hours or 30 hours using NIB comms.
  • Frequency band 864Mhz and 915Mhz; Operation mode Full Duplex; Range 0~5m optimal for communication/ 5~10m fade in and fade out modulation TDMA protocol Microphone type Dynamic (MT73), (IP68)
  • Operating temperature -4°F to 131°F
  • Plug Mode boosts headset volume by 6 dB when used with 3M E-A-R Classic Ear Plug
  • Impulse Noise Protection tested at 168dB in accordance to ANSI S1242-2010
  • Peltor ComTac VI is offered in several configuration options including various product colors (green, coyote brown, and black) with an over-the-head headband or neckband.
  • Waterproof rating includes salt water exposure in 2 meters for 30 min and 1 meter for 1 hour in fresh water.

Mission Audio Profiles (MAP) offers various listening options for your specific needs.  Whether that be observation, patrol, conversation, comfort, and mic-off, each selectable mode is optimized for that specific environment.

ComTac VI MAP profiles description on Atomic Defense

FAQs for the ComTac Peltor VI by 3M

What comms-to-radio adapter/PTT (Push-to-talk) will I need for my radio?

First, you'll need the ComTacs VI Single Lead or Dual Lead model. The Defender option will not plug into radios (without an additional adapter). For radio setups, you'll basically match the adapter look to the adapter that you have. Some common examples:  

  • Common civilian radios: FL5035-02 for K1 plugs like Baofeng, Bendix King, Hytera, Kenwood, Relm, Wouxun
  • FL5230-FM for Motorola HT750
  • FL4063-02 for Motorola APX/XPR
  • FL5063 or FL5063-02 for Motorola Turbo
  • FL5018-02 for Motorola XTS
  • FL5083-02 for Ericsson Jaguar 700P
  • FL5078 for K2 plugs like Kenwood Multi-pin
  • Common military radios: FL-U/94A-19, FL5601-02, or FL-U/94A for (AN/PRC-148 and AN/PRC-152 Nexus Radios) for Alan, Exelis, Harris, Thales 6-PIN MIL-C-55116 (Aka, 6-Pin Nexus)
  • FL5701 for Dual Comms with 6-PIN MIL-C-55116
  • Don't see your adapter type? Send us a picture of the radio's side where the plug is for help.

What communications interfaces does Peltor ComTac VI have? Does this one use U94?

Single and Dual Comm models use standardized TP-120 NATO U174/U94 w/ NATO wiring downlead downleads.  Providing a standard fit for your existing equipment.

Can it connect to a U94 PTT?  While we don't recommend most U94 connectors due to their low quality, yes.  They can connect to U94 NATO wired PTT too.

3M ComTac VI has a variety of communication interface options including a "Y" cable for use with the Joint Service General Purpose Mask, Centurion adapters for common public safety radios, Dual Invictus adapters that support two radios simultaneously, and Viper QUAD Comms control units designed to connect multiple assets and platforms. Comtac VI Dual Comm also features a secondary microphone port on the back of the headset, allowing for connection to oxygen systems (HAHO/HALO operations) and the 3M Scott First Responder Respirator (FRR).

Peltor ComTac VI Helmet Headband Radio Kit

What’s in the box with Atomic Defense ComTac VIs?

  • 3M Peltor ComTac VI Headset and Headband (pre-assembled)
  • Boom Mic included
  • (2) Spare Foam Mic Covers w/ Rubber Bands
  • Instruction Manual
  • (2) AAA Energizer Batteries
  • (2) Gel Earcups
  • (2) Foam Plate Earcup Spacers
  • (2) Waterproof Battery Covers
  • (2) ARC Rail Adapters for Helmets
  • Free Lifetime Manufacturing Defects Coverage from Atomic Defense

Which one? Peltor ComTac VI Defender or Peltor ComTac VI Single Comm?

Both the Peltor 6 (VI) Single Comm, Dual Comm, and the Peltor ComTac VI Defender and Peltor SwatTac VIs are all able to be purchased on this page. The choice you'll need to care about is simply how many radios you want to connect to this bad boy.

  • 1 Radio? Get the ComTac VI Single Comm (One/Single Lead) option.
  • 2 Radios? Get the ComTac VI Dual Comm (Two/Dual Lead) option.
  • No Radios? Get the ComTac VI Hearing Defender (No Lead) option.
  • SwatTac? Just if you want black, or you’re a door kicker.
3M ComTac 6 hearing NRR rating descriptions for safe use of headset on Atomic Defense

Can I attach these onto or under a helmet?

Both.  Out of the box, they will fit under any helmet (padding may need to be adjusted).  Purchasing these with us will also include ARC adapters for helmets.  The included ARC adapters will allow you to mount them to the ARC rails on your helmet.

Does ComTac VI offer gel ear cushion options?

Yes, by default, all of our Comtac VIs for sale come equipped with gel ear cushions (and helmet adapters when purchased on Atomic Defense.)  A great way to reduce pressure points and make it perfect and comfortable for longer-term use. 

Do these ComTacs use Bluetooth?

No, it is a common misconception that 3M Peltor VI uses Bluetooth. ComTac 6 and ComTac 7 models use a near-field communications network called NIB (without any radios) that is somewhat similar to Bluetooth, but different and more secure.

What kind of plug lead does the ComTac VI use?

The standard Nexus TP-120 / U-174 connector is the lead plug used on the back of the headset for down leads.

Downlead Single and Dual Plug options for ComTac VI on Atomic Defense

Is it Peltor ComTac 6 or Peltor ComTac VI?

It is technically "3M PELTOR ComTac VI" followed by the lead and color option of your choice. More commonly used phrasings you will find in the field are ComTac 6s and ComTac VIs.  We’ve also heard them be called by their full title, the “3M PELTOR ComTac VI NIB headset” and “PELTOR 3M ComTac VI”.

3M ComTac VI for Military and Civilian Purchase on Atomic Defense

How long does the battery last in the 3M Peltor ComTac VI with NIB on versus NIB turned off?

  • The ComTac VI headset is powered by two AAA batteries and has an average battery life of 50 hours with NIB turned off
  • 30 hours with NIB turned on.  We recommend purchasing rechargeable batteries for this reason.
  • All models and colors feature auto power shutoff after 4 hours, helping to extend the overall battery life if you leave them on.

Laboratory Attenuation Rating Chart

The ComTac VI model is rated for an NRR of 23 and is in CSA Class B.

NRR Rating of Peltor ComTac VI with regular ear cups and Class rating on Atomic Defense

Why is this better than the previous models?

  • ComTac VI models have the same upgrades as the ComTac V models when compared to the ComTac IIIs.  But they have two new features:
  • MAP profiles that will adjust the internal sounds to increase or decrease certain frequencies.  A great option for listening to footsteps, voices, cutting out voices, and more.
  • NIB allows all team members to speak together without the use of any radios.

Is the Mic of the Peltor ComTac VI removable?

Yes, the microphone of the Peltor ComTac VI can be detached from the device.

Can civilians and government agencies place orders?

Both.  Civilians and state agencies will be ordering the standard NIB that is commercially available.  Federal agencies will have the option (see below) to order dual-frequency headsets that are not FCC regulated.  

If you are in the military, ask your unit which model you will need.  Standard or Dual Frequency.  Standard is the most common for units that are state-side.

Continued: U.S Federal Government clients can also purchase a dual frequency NIB headset that is not FCC-approved as it offers both 915.5 MHz (for use in North America, Australia, and New Zealand) and 864 MHz (for use in Europe).

Peltor ComTac VI NSN: Contact Atomic Defense Customer Support

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